This is the first official blog of the Lord Baltimore Hotel in Baltimore, MD. The purpose of this blog was to share history, stories, and interesting archival materials relating to the hotel. (Please note: this blog is no longer being updated.)

If you’d like to book a room at the hotel, please go to the Lord Baltimore Hotel website and select the “Make a Reservation” option.

If you’d like to give feedback about your stay at the hotel, please go to the hotel website and select the “Contact & Directions” option.

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3 thoughts on “Home

  1. I stopped by the Lord Baltimore today and brought a picture of my mom who was the reservation manager there when i was a little girl….the picture is of her dressed as a queen for a special banquet they had…i went up to the French restaurant had my picture taken at the same place as hers…i don’t see a place to post my pic..if you would like to see it let me know…she is 88 now and still tells stories of her days there and the people she met…..

  2. I lived there as a young Sailor on the 7th floor in 1979-80, as part of it at that time was US Government contracted living quarters for the US Navy. Our ship the U.S.S. Raleigh LPD-1 was being overhauled at Maryland Shipbuilding & Dry dock. I loved it there! The staff was awesome and you were within walking distance to everything, including Lexington market and the Inner Harbor. They even made a Bar for us in the hotel called The Raleigh Pub.This was before the Inner harbor was redone and they were starting work on the Subway. I’m glad to see the LB revitalized. The only reason I left Baltimore when I was discharged was my mom was ill and needed my help. Baltimore rocks!

  3. My mother and father stayed at the hotel on their honeymoon in 1945 and kept a wooden hanger marked on one side with Lord Baltimore Hotel, Baltimore Maryland. On the other side my mother dated it and noted they stayed there 3 days just before my dad left for the war. I inherited the memento. I live in the mid-west and wish we could visit the hotel to see where they stayed so long ago.

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