Rubell Hotels: New Owners of Historic Baltimore Hotel, Part 1

The Lord Baltimore Hotel has new owners. As described recently by Frederick N. Rasmussen in the Baltimore Sun:

“The hotel, which has stood at the corner of Baltimore and Hanover streets since its opening in late 1928, was purchased by Rubell Hotels, whose principals are Don, Mera and Jason Rubell, in August for $10 million.”

The family has several other hotels under their brand, and brings experience operating unique properties. Rasmussen explained:

“The Rubells are hardly strangers when it comes to operating hotels, which they view as being something more than a place to lay your head on a pillow, change clothes or conduct business. The Rubells see hotels as being essential and necessary components of any city’s cultural life, and they say they intend to make the Lord Baltimore a downtown place where people will want to gather.

In addition to the Lord Baltimore, hotels under the Miami-based Rubell imprimatur include the Albion Hotel, the Art Deco masterpiece in Miami’s South Beach, and the Capitol Skyline Hotel in Washington.”

The family also has an interest in art. A recent New York Times story about Don and Mera’s artist daughter, Jennifer, noted about the family:

“Hospitality runs in the Rubell family. Beginning in the late ’70s, her parents opened their Upper East Side town house to the contemporary-art world for first-night Whitney Biennial parties. Now that they live in Miami, they receive multitudes at their 5,000-work Rubell Family Collection.

Steve Rubell was the social director of the disco era, allowing only the chosen few to pass the velvet rope and enter Studio 54. Later he helped conceive the boutique hotel. Ms. Rubell adored her uncle, who died in 1989 at age 45 (she named her daughter, Stevie, after him). She told Harvard Magazine earlier this year, “The biggest thing I got from him is that you can create a powerful, ephemeral moment that means something forever.””


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