Dining in Style, 1944

After all that talk about what the baseball guests were fed in 1979, I wondered what types of food were available in previous eras.

Perusing a copy of an old menu from the Lord Baltimore Hotel yields both familiar and alien items. A few of the notable offerings follow.

Old Menu from LBH – 1944

Under “Salads and Dressings”

Waldorf 30

Alligator Pear 40

Sliced Tomato 35

Lobster 1.75

Tuna Fish 1.15

What’s an alligator pear, you wonder? Apparently its an avocado.

Under “Ice Cream”

Coupe St. Jacque 25

Pistachio, Chocolate, Vanilla Sherbet 20

Orange Ice 20

The selection of cheeses is mostly familiar, aside from Leiderkratz, on offer for 25 cents:

Bleu 30

Cream 20

Swiss 25

Camenbert 30 (sic)

American 15

There are a few interesting notes at the bottom of this menu page, a reminder that World War II was still ongoing:

Saccharine available if desired

Butter Rationed to 1 Piece per Patron

Cream Rationed to 1 pitcher per Patron

Friday, January 7, 1944

Several oyster varieties were available:

Ocean Cove 60

Cape Cod 60

Bluepoint 60

Chincoteague 65

Tangier Sound 60

And some of the “Blue Plate Specials” featured seafood as well:

Boiled Finnan Haddie, Drawn Butter, Steamed Potato, Sugar Beets (Only) 1.30

Fried Silver Smelts Sauce Remoulade, Cole Slaw, Creamed Potatoes (Only) 1.10

Broiled Salmon Steak, Chives and Paprika Butter 1.30

One of the sides available was Saratoga Chips.

Finally. the note at the end of the menu explains the story of the graphic on the cover:

“Such Youth of Spirit As May Be Willing To Enter Into This Honorable Service”

The drawing on the cover portrays a recruiting scene enacted on the present site of the Lord Baltimore Hotel. The doughty soldier is promising “a bounty of TWELVE dollars, together with SIXTY dollars a year in GOLD and Silver money on account of pay’ for the opportunity of “spending a few happy years in viewing the different parts of this beautiful continent in the honorable and respectable character of a SOLDIER”…when the recruit may return home with his “pockets full of money and his head covered with LAURELS”.

Have you dined at the Lord Baltimore Hotel sometime in its long history? Email stories@lordbaltimorehotel and share your experience!