A History of the Lord Baltimore Hotel. (Part One: 1928-1960)

December 30, 1928: The Lord Baltimore Hotel, at Baltimore and Hanover Street, opened to the public. It consisted of 700 rooms. The previous building, the Caswell Hotel, was torn down and replaced by owner Harry Busick:

“In 1919, as president of the Union Hotel Company, a company he had formed to facilitate the management of these two hotels, he bought the Caswell outright from Sylvanus Stokes of Washington, D.C., at a price reported to be $750,000.00. This was a great step toward his cherished goal – to build in the most central spot in fast-developing Baltimore a “super-hotel” which would provide adequate facilities for the city’s expanding activities.” Harry Busick bio brochure

December 1938: The tenth anniversary of the Lord Baltimore Hotel opening. Now managed by the three sons of the late  Harry Busick – H.Nelson, Morton, and Howard – the hotel has weathered the Great Depression and looks forward:

“These ten years have been crammed with economic, political and social events comparable in significance and extent to the momentous occurrences during no other decade in the history of the world. Through these ten short but eventful years – years of change, which have brought with them innumerable local, national, and international crises – the Lord Baltimore Hotel has forged steadily ahead. It has had its bonanza days and its months of desperation.” 1938-Ten Year Flyer

September 14, 1944: Murals revealed at gala in Calvert ballroom 1945 – H. Busiak to guest letter re murals:

“The New Mt. Vernon Room, Lord Baltimore Hotel, one of whose murals shows a view of Baltimore looking south from the Washington Monument about the middle of the 19th century. The other two murals depict street scenes of Baltimore during the same general period in the history of the city.” LBH info about murals

December 5, 1949: National Association baseball convention brings 59 leagues – “the greatest number in history” at the time – to vote on new rules.

“Four issues – the bonus, salary limits, the draft and realignment of leagues – being considered by the National Association in its forty-eighth annual convention here, December 7-8-9, are as old as the minors’ organization.” [The Sporting News, December 7, 1949] 1949 – Sporting News Article – Baseball Convention at LBH

1958: The Lord Baltimore Hotel, along with the Congress Hotel, were the first in Baltimore City to desegregate.

April 18, 1960: The Lord Baltimore Hotel, then “the city’s largest hotel” 1960 Executive Changes , was sold by the Busick family to a New Yorker:

“Herbert R. Weissberg, of New York City, new owner of the Lord Baltimore Hotel, said yesterday he has plans for an extensive renovating and redecorating program for the hotel’s ballroom, lobby, and other public rooms.

But, he said, there will be no change in policy, rate structure or personnel.

The hotel’s private rooms may or may not be remodeled. Mr. Weissberg said he will have to look them over closely before making a decision.

Mr. Weissberg agreed to buy the hotel yesterday for $7,150,000. ” [Baltimore Sun, April 19, 1960] 1960 New Yorker buys hotel


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